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In the Vachanamrit (Vadtal 18), Shreeji Maharaj explains the importance of and knowing ones Guru Parampara (lineage). For, if one is asked about the same, a response is immediately given. Shree Ramanand Swami was Uddhav incarnate. He received Vaishnavi Diksha from Shree Ramanuj Acharya, personally whilst in a dream-state. So Ramanuj Acharya is Ramanand Swamis Guru. Shreeji Maharaj is that Ramanand Swamis disciple and successor.


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  • The sub-continent of India is full of Rushi Munis and Saints. On planet Earth, India is the only country where you will find the most spiritual environment. Many great souls wish to take birth on this land. God himself has taken numerous births in India, in various forms for the protection and development of Dharma and destruction of bad elements.